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Colorado Springs finds success with TSTM!


Colorado Springs Utilities was experiencing significant failures of their 480 volt metering installations and contacted TSTM to inquire about possible solutions that they might be able to provide.

“Too many of our 480/277V 4-wire grounded wye metering applications were failing at the Test Switches, and in many cases lightning surges and dust contamination were suspected. With TSTM’s help, we drafted a wiring diagram that incorporated our wire code and assured the usage of single point grounding for protection of our metering equipment. Utilizing TSTM’s VT Pack™, lightning induced transients are now safely diverted away from the metering equipment to ground.

“The result? In the past 4 years we have purchased and installed over 400 of the TSTM 2.5:1 VT Packs and have had no failures or warranty claims. Stopping lightning induced metering failures has not only eliminated the cost of replacing metering equipment and the associated labor, but, more importantly, has preserved the integrity of our consumer’s billing information. The ease of installation and the enhanced safety for our employees and the public are added significant benefits of using the VT Pack.

“Colorado Springs Utilities is very pleased with the product, the expertise, and the service that TSTM provides.” 

For a more thorough discussion of single vs. multiple-point grounding and an entertaining animated demo, refer to the TSTM website: