How far can I extend the leads of the VT Pack without materially affecting the accuracy of the meter?
I have mounted a VT Pack on the bottom of a metering enclosure with the collar facing upward. Is that OK?
The connector on my VT Pack that has been in service for several years without a problem has a little dirt/corrosion on the pins. Can I use a spray electrical contact cleaner to burnish the contacts?
Can I ground the orange wire (tap) on your auxiliary power transformers (AKA hockey pucks)? What about those that are mounted in one of your adapters?
Should I use a lightning arrestor to protect the VT Pack and/or the meter?
How does the cost of the VT Pack compare with the cost of three individual conventional VT
Can the VT Pack be mounted outside?
Can I use the VT Pack with induction (disk type) meters?
Assuming that my application is 480/277 volt 4 wire wye, the most common configuration for new 480 volt three phase applications, how many voltage connections do I have to make to install a VT Pack?
Can an individual VT in the VT Pack be replaced if it were to fail due to lightning or other causes?
Can I operate two or more meters on one VT Pack?
Can I get a wiring harness made to my company's color code, including striping?
Can I get harnesses made in other than the standard 6 foot length?
Do I have to use a TSTM, Inc. socket that has a harness incorporated in it?
How many screws does it take to mount the VT Pack in a pad mount or other suitable enclosure?
What is the difference between the accuracy and thermal burden rating of a VT?
Can I use the VT Pack with some of the current AMR/AMI systems without any loss of accuracy or signal?
Will using a 12S or a 1S/2S adapter change the meter multiplier?
Is the transformer in the 12S or 1S/2S adapter a metering accurate VT (voltage transformer)?
Do I have to include the ratio of the VT Pack when calculating the meter multiplier?
Should I fuse the primary of the VT Pack?
Can I use self-drilling/self-tapping hex head screws to mount VT Packs?
I am retrofitting an existing 480 volt installation that does not have VTs. I would like to cut the existing potential wires going from the transformer bushings to the meter socket and insert a VT Pack. Unfortunately, my wires are #12 stranded copper and your wiring harness is #14 stranded copper and my butt splices won't work. What can I do?
Can I use one of your "hockey pucks" (auxiliary power transfomers) as a metering VT?
Can I lay the VT Pack in the bottom of a non-raintight or raintight enclosure with the collar facing upward?
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