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Before, we had to suit up to swap out a 480V or above meter. Now, with high-voltage out of the socket cabinet, we can work far more efficiently and safely.

PROTECTION—moon suit, helmet, gloves, boots, and glasses—is smart business. But 10-cycles of 20,000 amp fault current at 480V can unleash the energy of nearly a pound of TNT, clearly an injury waiting to happen!

PREVENTION is the answer. Lower the voltage and the potential for arc flash or blast is greatly reduced.

So, thank you for the TSTM low-voltage metering installs! Prevention beats protection!

  • Create a safer work environment
  • Better meet OSHA requirements
  • Cut install and service time
  • Reduce meter and service failures
  • Reduce the need for 2-person team service calls
  • Eliminate lost revenues