There are Some Things You Just Don’t Do.

Smoking at the gas pump. Sticking your tongue to a frozen metal post. Vodka with milk. Exposing your people to unnecessary risk.

They’re all No-No’s.

Here's What You Should Do!

TSTM’s low-voltage metering solutions not only reduce meter failure to near zero,* they remove the need for your people to expose themselves daily to high-voltage potential.

Start saving both revenues and lives. Try one of our solutions, risk-free.

VT Pack™
The famous, original low-voltage solution available in many configurations.

Click-in modules allow configuration based upon needs.

We've all got our pet peeves. Here are some of ours.

Vodka + Milk Martini?!

Frozen Pole + Tongue?!

Smoking + Pumping Gas?!

Breaker Box + Shower?!

Extension Cords + Extension Cords?!
Smoking is bad for health. TSTM, Inc. does not condone smoking. Cigarette in photograph is not lit.

Which is your favorite pet peeve.

Let us know which is your favorite OR submit your OWN pet peeve. You will be entered to win a prize.
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