Transformer-rated Meters in a Self-contained Socket?

Transformer-rated Meters in a Self-contained Socket?
Yep. You can go low-voltage in your self-contained sockets with meter adapters from TSTM.

The best operators are migrating to low-voltage metering because it's safer and less volatile, making it more resilient. But many struggle with the idea of having to swap out those old self-contained meter sockets.

TSTM has your solution. TSTM meter adapters enable you to quickly install safe, transformer-rated meters into 2S, 4S, 12S, 16S and even K-type self-contained sockets. Even better, TSTM meter adapters are plug-ready for the famous TSTM VT Pack™ or new FlexPack™ VT's that will have your installer in-and-out in minutes!

You'll get:

  • Meter failure rates reduced to near zero.
  • Significant reduction in revenue loss from meter failure.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to eliminated service calls.
  • A safer work environment for your field techs.
  • Faster, safer meter swap-out with lowered OSHA service requirements.
  • Lower organizational risk due to flash-burn and other exposure accidents.
  • VT's guaranteed from failure for 15 years, including lightning strike!
  • Field test low-voltage metering at no financial risk.

With TSTM's meter adapters, you have no more reasons to avoid updating your 480 volt pads to low-voltage metering. Try a no-risk sample with an email to or click here for more information.
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