Cool Season - Warm Welcome...

Cool Season - Warm Welcome...
John Pollard Returns as Director of Technical Operations

A Veteran of the USAF, John worked in Avionics on the F-15 Eagle.

Upon his return to South Dakota in 1984 he started work at May Engineering, Inc. He was fortunate to learn almost every aspect of metering from TSTM President Greg May as they traveled through-out the United States testing and verifying meter installations. John became the Chief Operating Officer for what was then May Engineering.

When TSTM was established in 1996, John worked closely with Greg on the development of the VT Pack and other specialized transformers. Following a 10-year hiatus as Senior Meter Coordinator at a regional R/E, Greg contacted John when restructuring TSTM in October, and hired him as TSTM's Director of Technical Operations. A valued industry resource, John has become an integral part of TSTM.
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