K Type
The bolt-in adapter converts a self-contained 400/480 ampere K-7 type meter mounting device, 277/480V or 240/480V, to a meter Form 9S transformer-rated meter utilizing a TSTM VT Pack™ changing voltage at the meter. The TSTM adapter uses "revenue grade" current transformers converting the self-contained K-type meter device to a CT Rated meter.

The adapter has a pre-wired harness (4.5 ft) - Customer can specify other harness lengths (6', 12' 20' or 30') and custom colors.      Does not include the TSTM VT Pack

Transformer Specifications –
The adapter has (3) current transformers ,Ratio – 300:5, Rating Factor 2. Accuracy .3% @ B0.1 50-400 Hz, 600V Rated, INS Class 10kv BIL

Adapter Ratings – 400/480A continuous, 600A Max, 600V Rated Equipped with LED bypass devices. When the meter is removed, auto bypass devices engage allowing the 9S meter to be removed from the adapter

Patent Applied / Pending