Improving Safety And Revenues Through More Accurate And Reliable Electrical Metering

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A Day Of Remembrance

On Friday October 30th, 2020 TSTM, Inc. will be closed for a day of rest and reflection.Read More

A Swiss Army Knife of Voltage Transformers

Our PowerPuck gives you the choice of voltage output making it the right choice for many applications.Read More

When You're Smiling...The Whole World Smiles With You!

When your operation reduces 480v metering voltage to safer, more manageable levels, all kinds of wonderful things happen.Read More

We Can Hunker Down. But We Can't Go Dark!

Safety - and the elimination of unnecessary risk to workers - has always been TSTM's mission. Read More

Welcome Mcavoy & Markham

TSTM welcomes Mcavoy & Markham Engineering & Sales to our growing family of highly knowledgeable agents.Read More

Cool Season - Warm Welcome...

John Pollard Returns as Director of Technical Operations. A Veteran of the USAF, John worked in Avionics on the F-15 Eagle.Read More


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