AccuPack AP60030125

Compatibility Features

  • Phase

    • 3-Phase 4-Wire Wye
  • Ratio

    • 2.4:1 ratio 0.1 VA

This AccuPack™ is one of three Precision Voltage Dividing Transformers (PVDTs) needed for 480/277 volt 4-wire wye applications designed with 0.05% higher accuracy where traditional 2.4:1 traditional VT’s are used. For all other applications, we recommend other versions; see our “Product” page for various options.

This AccuPack™ consists of one revenue-accuracy toroidal autotransformer for use with either Form 109S modern wide voltage range electronic watthour meters or modified Form 9S wide voltage range electronic watthour meters. The transformer is encased in epoxy inside a flame retardant polycarbonate enclosure.

The AccuPack™ mounts on a required TSTM Backplane very much like a single-phase residential circuit breaker. The Backplane, which can accept up to three AccuPack's™ and optional PowerPack™, can be mounted in a pad mount transformer, transformer cabinet, in one of our enclosures designed for that purpose ( refer to “Product” page, “Enclosure” tab, Long Narrow or Universal ), or other convenient location. . The AccuPack™ is not designed to be mounted outdoors. The AccuPack™ is not designed to be mounted outdoors.

Example photo shown. Label will vary by model.

Accepted Conductor Size #14 - #6 Cu
Accuracy +/- 0.05% @ 0.1 VA @ 1 PF
Rate Primary Voltage 277 volts
Insulation Level 10 kV BIL
Thermal Rating N/A
Transformer Type Toroidal autotransformer
Over Voltage Withstand 554 volts for 1 minute
Enclosure Blue/gray, flame retardant (V0 rating) polycarbonate
Size 5.5 in. wide X 4.25 in. high X 1.5 in. deep
Weight 2.25 lbs.
Module Case Color Blue

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