AccuPack AP6004824

Compatibility Features

  • Phase

    • Single-Phase
    • 3-Phase 3-Wire
    • 3-Phase 4-Wire Delta
  • Ratio

    • 2:1 ratio 0.1 VA

The AccuPack™ is part of the FlexPack System™ PVDT transformers from TSTM designed with 0.05% higher accuracy. The associated models (ratio’s) are for Multifunction Power Quality high accuracy solid state meters with separate metrology voltage circuits and meter power supply sources. The typical application is a substation, and industrial applications as well as control circuits. The SEL-735, ION, MaxSys Elite and JEMStar-II only mention a few multifunction meters. The transformer is individually encased in epoxy inside a flame retardant polycarbonate enclosure.

The AccuPack 2:1 ratio transformer can be used in single phase, three phase 3-wire delta applications based upon a 240V secondary. The number of transformers required are:

  • Single phase 2 or 3-wire, 480V is (1) or (2) based upon the meter Form designation
  • Three phase 3-wire delta, 480V is (2) based upon the meter Form designation
  • **Three phase 4-wire delta, 480/240V is (3) for meter Form 9S (modified) or ANSI Form109S (contact TSTM)

The AccuPack™ mounts on a required TSTM Backplane very much like a single-phase residential circuit breaker. The Backplane, which can accept up to three AccuPacks™ and optional PowerPack™, can be mounted in a pad mount transformer, transformer cabinet, in one of our enclosures designed for that purpose ( refer to “Product” page, “Enclosure” tab, Long Narrow or Universal ), or other convenient location. . The AccuPack™ is not designed to be mounted outdoors. The AccuPack™ is not designed to be mounted outdoors.

Example photo shown. Label will vary by model.

Accepted Conductor Size #14 - #6 Cu
Accuracy +/- 0.05% @ 0.1 VA @ 1 PF
Rated Primary Voltage 277 volts
Insulation Level 10 kV BIL
Thermal Rating N/A
Transformer Type Toroidal autotransformer
Over Voltage Withstand 554 volts for 1 minute
Enclosure Blue/gray, flame retardant (V0 rating) polycarbonate
Size 5.5 in. wide X 4.25 in. high X 1.5 in. deep
Weight 2.25 lbs.
Module Case Color Blue

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