Lever Bypass Terminal Meter Socket TS-TR-L-1

The 13-terminal meter socket is manufactured by Milbank or Siemens (Talon) providing a lever bypass, jaw release type block assembly and entire meter socket for safe and reliable shorting of CT secondaries for meter removal.

This is an alternative to the use of a meter test switch. Included is an insulated four pole terminal strip with a backer strip, effectively dead front, rated at 600V-1000V pre-wired to the VT Pack for easy termination of voltage inputs. Customer to wire distribution phase voltage taps to the alternate side of the terminal strip. No need to access a distribution transformer's secondary to troubleshoot the metering installation.

The VT Pack is not installed, ordered and shipped separately because of shipping “dynamics”. Pre-wired, color-coded wire harness with connector minimizes the likelihood of wiring errors. AMI-ready design makes field installation quick and easy. Compact pre-wired design eliminates need for VT mounting brackets, expensive transformer cabinets, and wiring of VTs. VT Pack is optional; refer to photos and captions for details.

Size 5 x 16 x 20
Weight 24 pounds (w/o VT Pack)

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