Multi-Voltage Auxillary Transformer (120/240/277 volts, 135 VA)

This transformer is designed to provide a combination of voltages for a variety of applications. For example:

  • With 120V input, 240V or 277V is available
  • With 240V input, 120V or 277V is available
  • With 277V input, 120V or 240V is available

Applications for this transformer include but are not limited to SCADA, load management, or modems.

The 277/240/120-Aux is similar in its basic design* to the ones used in our 2:1 VT Pack (6004824) and provides the same protection against failure of the equipment as the VT Pack™ provides against failure of wide voltage range solid state meters.

Insulation Level 10kV BIL
Primary Voltage 120, 240, or 277 Volts
Ratio Variable
VA Rating 135VA @ 30 degrees C; 85 VA @ 55 degrees C
Lead Length 24"
Lead Wire Size #14 Stranded
Size 3.5" Diameter, 2.6" Height
Weight 3 lbs.

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