Terminal Meter Socket TS-SCH-1

This meter cabinet and special meter block with lever bypass mechanism is manufactured by Milbank for TSTM, Inc. (formerly Two-Sockets Two-Meters). The design is specifically for the Form 9S Class 200 solid-state meter manufactured by Aclara (GE).

By installing the appropriate application jack (located between the VT Pack and the neutral connector), this socket can be configured for 3-wire or 4-wire services. Also, the KYZ terminals are brought out to a separate terminal strip for easy installation of AMR/AMI devices or other applications requiring a pulse initiator.

* Aclara (GE) announced in early 2019 the obsolesce (cancellation) of the GE Form 9S Class 200 meter.

** The TS-SCH-1 meter socket is available from TSTM by special order. Please contact TSTM for “special order” details, pricing and delivery.

Weight 28 pounds (w/o VT Pack)

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