Test Switch Terminal Transformer-Rated Meter Socket TS-PTS-13

The 13-terminal transformer-rated meter socket is manufactured by Milbank with a pre-wired Milbank test switch #TS10-xxxx wired to the meter block. Custom test switch configuration, color coding, test switch cover, and other options are available for larger requirements.

Included is an insulated four pole terminal strip with a backer strip, effectively dead front, rated at 600V-1000V pre-wired to the VT Pack for easy termination of voltage inputs. Pre-wired, color-coded wire harness with connector minimizes the likelihood of wiring errors.

Customer to wire distribution phase voltage taps to the alternate side of the terminal strip. No need to access a distribution transformer's secondary to troubleshoot the metering installation. The VT Pack is not installed, ordered and shipped separately because of shipping “dynamics”.

AMI-ready design makes field installation quick and easy. Compact pre-wired design eliminates need for VT mounting brackets, expensive transformer cabinets, and wiring of VTs.

Size 5 x 16 x 20
Weight 25 pounds (w/o VT Pack)

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