Universal Enclosure

To avoid suiting up every time your utility personnel work on a metering installation, 480 volts will need to come out of the meter cabinet. The "universal" enclosure is powder coated steel enabling mounting of a VT Pack, VersaPack or AccuPack FlexPack™ System. The VersaPack and AccuPack FlexPack System transformers require the use of the TSTM Backplane for their mounting and the installation of the BackPlane to the Universal enclosure. To install the VT Pack there is an “optional” bracket (TS-BRKT) available separately. The enclosure has pre-drilled and tapped holes with the stainless-steel screws that are included in our custom cabinet, perfectly fitted to the new flexible system! Included with the enclosure is a gasket kit made from automotive grade flexible silicon material. It is used to install between the meter socket hub opening and the bottom of the enclosure mounted above the existing meter socket enclosure providing a watertight seal between the two enclosures. The flexible gasket mated to the hub opening at the top of your new or existing meter cabinet will adequately seal joining the two enclosures.

Size 13-1/2" (W) x 13-1/2" (H) x 5-1/4" (D)
Shipping Weight 10 lbs.

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