VT Puck - 2.4:1 Single Phase Voltage Transformer AH60030125-1

The VT Puck by TSTM, Inc. is a large 0.6 kV Class voltage transformer suitable for revenue metering applications. The primary use for this transformer is to power the phase that has (PLC) power line carrier AMR/AMI technology connected having difficulty communicating due to excessive noise or harmonic interference. The design of this epoxy encapsulated, short, cylindrically shaped transformer has multiple mounting provisions for both internal and external mounting applications. A combination of its being a thermally rated 750 VA autotransformer with a toroidal design allows it to effectively pass a power line carrier signal. Consider an L Bracket from our accessory page for easy mounting.

The VT Puck is currently available in ratios of 480:120 volt (4:1), 480:240 volt (2:1), 300:120 volt (2.5:1) and 288:120 volt (2.4:1). All are rated as having an accuracy class of 12.5 VA (W) (±0.3% or better @.1 PF lag).

Accuracy +/-0.3 @ 12.5 VA @ .1 PF lag
Insulation Level 10 kV BIL
Ratio 288:120 volt (2.4:1)
Thermal Rating 750 VA
Over Voltage Withstand Double the nominal primary voltage for one minute
Lead Length 24"
Lead Wire Size #16 stranded, color coded
Mounting 1" conduit fitting for mounting through KO or 3/8" NC threaded insert in base, internal or external
Size Diameter 5-3/4 inches, overall height with collar 3-3/4 inches, height on VT 3 inches
Weight ~12 lb.

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